Talking Heads.......

Talking Heads.......

"Why skulls" is a question I get all the time. "You don"t look ghoulish", or "those are so scary" are other comments I hear way too often. I just walk away. They don't get it. They'll never be one of us. 

My lovelies, let me tell you it all began with a day trip a long long time ago..

My style has always been more Morticia Addams than Martha Stewart.... so I gathered my Little Wednesday and Pugsley and off we went on a day trip to the infamous Mütter Museum in Philly (which inspired American Horror Story story lines)

Completely fascinated, I was sucked into the room with the extensive skull collection. Next to each skull, was a placard describing the lifestyle, age, race,  sex, form of demise, social condition and other pertinent features of the human that occupied said skull. Each skull, though tongueless, spoke VOLUMES. Upon deeper inspection the skulls related their tale of age, disease, injury, violence, hidden signs of poverty or wealth, conditions of teeth, ancestral features, or the lack there of. The essence of every being lingering in every skull.  

The more you looked the more evident the stories became. The skull of a rich widow who died in her 80's surrounded by luxury, looked far different than the one belonging to an impoverished Portugese sailor who died of syphilis at 37, alone in a foreign port. And so it began. It all stuck in my head.. all these stories, all these images. And now they are all getting out.  

As part of the humanoid condition, we are each endowed with a skull, thus leaving one behind. The commonality reminding us that we are just exquisite machines. Creatures of the same maker. Lend me your ear, if you're lucky, I will give it back.. I just might have a story or five to tell you.. welcome to my Horrible Darlings. 

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